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Thankfully, my immediate family has long since given up on asking me about getting married. I was pretty vocal at a young age about the “institution of marriage” and how I thought it was an old patriarchal hangover of women being owned by men. My thoughts have changed a little on that since my early feminist days, and I could see myself potentially getting married. I’ve just never been someone who dreamed of the white wedding, though I’d be down for an epic party with all my loved ones when/if it happens.

I actually realized I could enjoy my own company.

~ Em

I have definitely not always loved being single and it wasn’t until a few years ago that I actually realized I could enjoy my own company. Now I absolutely cherish it. Especially because I do know that at some point it will change and I’ll miss my solo days again. Right now though I’m relishing in, especially since I’m in the early stages of building a business and just about all of my heart and soul (and time… and money…) are going into this “biz baby.”

There are definitely pieces of not having a partner that I long for — I think being in a conscious relationship is such a powerful place for self-growth and partnering to bring out the best in each other. I would also really love the day-to-day support when it comes to keeping up a home and sharing the load that comes with.

Top 2 benefits of being single? Literally doing whatever I want when I want, It sounds selfish, but there’s so much freedom in not factoring in another person’s preferences or needs. I felt this a lot on my trip to the UK this past summer — no one to debate about what restaurant to go to or sights to see. On a more positive note, there’s a lot of confidence that comes from navigating the world on your own. I know I’ve got my own back, and that feels pretty priceless to be honest.

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