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Marriage NOT Required


Decenter Men, Forget the fairy tale and live happily ever after!



Marriage NOT Required: Forget the Fairy Tale and Live Happily Ever After… offers encouragement and wisdom for women who have been discouraged by their search for a husband. The social stigma associated with being single coupled with a woman’s natural desire for a partner pushes women into turmoil as they constantly seek male approval and acceptance. A woman’s life should be led by her freedom to enjoy life on her own terms. Marriage NOT Required gives women the tools to create amazing lives led by love for themselves, regardless of a man’s presence. When women decenter men, the entire world balances itself.

Marriage NOT Required shares inspirational wisdom for:

  • Recognizing the true value of love
  • Understanding why there is no Prince Charming
  • Acknowledging how marriage really impacts a woman’s happiness
  • Creating a life plan that does not center around being chosen by a man

Chapter 1 – Forget The Fairy Tale 

Do you find yourself disappointed and discouraged because society teaches you that marriage is a right of passage for women?

Chapter 2 – Beneath The Veil

Where did the concept of marriage come from and how do married women really feel about it?

Chapter 3 – The Truth About Prince Charming

There is no Prince Charming and let me tell you why.

Chapter 4 – Create A New Fairy Tale

What do you do with your life if you decide marriage isn’t a major milestone?

Chapter 5 –  Don’t Pick Me Girls

Personality profiles of women who decenter men in their lives and what their lives are like.

Chapter 6  – Successfully SINGLE

Famous women throughout history who made the choice to ENJOY being single.

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