I’m Single Because…Introducing Toni

Now to be honest I have never had a serious relation with any girl. I have been only with myself and my growth and this is the best thing I have ever done. I am not a player, but I am free, I know that I can have a date with any girl at any time, without anyone having to tell me a word. I can experience girls, how they think, how they feel, their personalities, and I AM FREE!

My life today is simple. I wake up in my house, start by creating some designs for my morning IG posting, review what my content creator did on my website, then after an hour, hour and a half of doing those things I get my breakfast while listening to some real horror stories. I like these things, weird right! Then I would start by doing some video editing, this is my main hobby. I do it for fun and even get paid for them. When I feel like stopping, I get up and go to the basketball field, or go eating with anyone. If I feel like being an introvert that day, it will be a books day. Then after hours of playing basketball with my friends if I have no meetings or anything to check from my employees, I just sit and watch a cozy movie.

I am happy with my life this way, but, I will end up married anyway, and I know that.

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